My name is Owen Quigley, I’ve trained in martial arts for eight years now. During my time training under the guidance of sensei Michael Quinn I have acquired a broad understanding of the Kihons (basics) or karate as well as several kata with which I’m only just starting to truly deepening my knowledge of. You see here at Shogen Ryu you don’t just show and have all 18 katas and kihons thrown at you on your first few weeks or months, the focus is on proper understanding of the forms and their many possible applications which are learned only through time and effort. Over the years under I have received ample instruction at the hands of Sensei Michael Quinn and later Sensei Kiyomasa Maeda 10th Dan Shogen Ryu. I’ve also had the experience of training in authentic Yamani Ryu bo under the guidance of Kiyomasa Maeda sensei whose Yamani Ryu has direct lineage back to the samurai era which I found quite interesting. Yamani Ryu has six kata of which I’ve have learned one and am eager to learn the rest. In my time training I’ve had the privilege of travelling to Okinawa to train directly under the guidance of Sensei Maeda and other high-ranking Okinawan seniors which allowed me to seek correction and deeping my understanding. While on Okinawa I found the culture and scenery pretty interesting with the humbleness of the Okinawan people and the many wonders of the island. Over all in my opinion you would find it difficult to receive better instruction in authentic karate in a strong and friendly learning environment.

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