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Students Stories

Aiden Thompson receives his black belt from Maeda Sensei in the Hombu dojo, Itoman City, Okinawa, June 2018
Student's Stories

Karate: Exercise for the Mind and Body

It’s hard to imagine two small island nations that are so far apart yet so similar. The native people of Okinawa and Ireland have so many things in common. It’s easy to understand why we, a small number of Karate-ka here in Donegal, Ireland have forged such a strong bond of friendship and respect with our friends and mentors in Kiyomasa Maeda Sensei’s dojo based in Itoman, Okinawa

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Student's Stories

Owen’s Story

My name is Owen Quigley, I’ve trained in martial arts for eight years now. During my time training under the guidance of sensei Michael Quinn I have acquired a broad understanding of the Kihons (basics) or karate as well as several kata with which I’m only just starting to truly deepening my knowledge of.

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