Types of Dojo

Hombu Dojo

The hombu dojo for the Okinawa Shogen-Ryu Karate-Do Association is based in Itoman City, Okinawa and is operated by Kiyomasa Maeda, Hanshi. All the major decisions in relation to the association are made in the hombu dojo. Any member who is testing for a 5th Dan grade and above take their grading test in the hombu dojo in front of Maeda, Sensei and the other Okinawan seniors within the organisation. It is here that decisions are made in respect of who is granted a Shibu dojo.

Shibu Dojo

A Shibu dojo is a fully licensed dojo run by a ranked instructor that reports directly to Honbu Dojo. To be granted a shibu dojo licence, the dojo cho must hold a 5th Dan rank or above, and have been graded by either Kiyomasa Maeda, Sensei or or Kensei Taba, Sensei. Each dojo cho has responsibility for an allocated area. Any dojo or individual students looking to join the Shogen-Ryu Association must be accepted by the area dojo cho. Any students or groups who wish to train with Maeda, Sensei on Okinawa requires a letter of introduction from a dojo cho in the area of origin.Below is a complete list of international Shibu Cho’s recognised by the Okinawa Shogen-Ryu Karate-Do Association:

Europe – Michael Quinn (Godan)
Australia – Phil Butler (Nanadan)
USA – Tony Partlow (Rokudan)
Canada – Jerry Pilon (Rokudan)

Fuku Shibu Dojo

A Fuku Shibu dojo is a fully licensed dojo that is run by a ranked instructor and reports directly to a Shibu dojo. A fuku shibu dojo licence will only be granted once the dojo cho has demonstrated their commitment to training in the Shogen-Ryu system over a period of time and has evidenced their capacity to accurately transmit the inherent principles to others. Only after considerable time spent in diligent study and working to further Okinawa Shogen-Ryu Karate-Do may a dojo become fully licensed as a Fuku Shibu Dojo or Shibu Dojo.

Jun Shibu Dojo

A Jun Shibu dojo is a dojo which is in the process of converting its teaching and training to Shogen-Ryu Karate-Do. When an instructor has expressed a sincere and genuine desire to transition to Shogen Ryu the dojo receives this designation. They will be required to train directly under the guidance of the Shibu Dojo Cho in their area.

Only after investing considerable training time with senior Shogen-Ryu instructors will the instructor be granted rank appropriate to their skill and level of understanding.

Students and instructors in both Jun Shibu and Fuku Shibu dojo would be expected to support training courses, seminars and other events in the shibu dojo, and they would be expected to host the area shibu cho for seminars and training events.