Yamane Ryu Kobudo

Yamane-Ryu Bojutsu is a system of Kobujutsu or weapons art originating in Okinawa.
It is a beautiful and powerful art that, unlike many other
Okinawa weapons arts is not widely practiced.

Yamane-Ryu Bojutsu

Also, unlike many other systems of Okinawa kobudo, the Yamane-Ryu Bojutsu uses the Rokushaku Bo, or 6 foot staff exclusively.  While some instructors will teach other weapons such as sai, tonfa, kama and nunchaku, these weapons are not part of the Yamane Ryu system. Some dojo advertise as teaching “Yamane sai” or “Yamane kama” however, this is misleading and wrong. It shows a clear lack of understanding or knowledge about the Yamane Ryu kobudo system.

This kobudo system is often spelled Yamani Ryu, and it was given the name by Chinen Masami in honour of his teacher and grandfather Chinen Sanryo. When discussing the Yamane Ryu lineage, Maeda Sensei informs that his lineage within the system can be traced back to the samurai Kanka Sakugawa and beyond.

Kiyomasa Maeda, Hanshi is a direct student of the late Chogi Kishaba, Sensei who passed on the Yamane Ryu kobudo system to Maeda, Sensei.  Maeda, Sensei’s kobudo lineage is shown above. Maeda, Sensei stresses the importance of relaxation, koshi and natural stances when training the Yamane Ryu bo kihon and kata, plus he places much emphasis on the minute details of setting up and executing bo techniques. This means that the natural movements of both Yamane Ryu kobudo and Shogen-Ryu karate complement each other, and one helps to develop relaxation, speed and power in each discipline.There is no doubt that training in kobudo benefits and improves a student’s karate and aid’s body conditioning. The weapon becomes an extension of the hand, and a karate-ka’s body learns how to efficiently generate speed and power.

Yamane-Ryu is not part of Shogen-Ryu training, nor it is not a requirement for training in Shogen-Ryu.  However, many of the Shogen-Ryu black belts and students study Yamane-Ryu and it is taught in most Shogen-Ryu dojo. We are very privileged that Maeda, Hanshi is passing on the Yamane Ryu to Michael Quinn, and that we have a direct link to the source of Yamane Ryu.

Yamana-Ryu Bojutsu
Strong conceit prevents the growth of one’s character or abililty. To reach any one goal, one must be modest, always maintain self-control and strive hard to reach the goal. This is the long cherished desire of one that lives by the code of Okinawan karate-do
Seikichi Toguchi

周 氏 の 棍

Shushi no Kon

朝 雲 の 棍

Choun no Kon Ichi

朝 雲 の 棍

Choun no Kon Ni

砂 掛 の 棍

Sunakake no Kon

佐 久 川 の 棍

Sakugawa no Kon

白 樽 の 棍

Shirotaru no Kon

泊 白 樽 の 棍

Tomari Shirotaru no Kon