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We are a small group of martial artists dedicated to preserving and promoting authentic Okinawan karate and kobudo, and in particular Shogen-Ryu ti and Yamane Ryu kobudo.

Apart from being a martial art with an original purpose of preserving and passing on life protection techniques through the generations, karate is also a cultural treasure of the island of Okinawa.

Sadly, the majority of dojo and groups across Europe and worldwide have resorted to teaching more commercialised sports based competition karate, and the budo aspect of traditional ti has been diluted and neglected. Within Okinawa Shogen-Ryu Karate-Do Europe we have remained true to our principles, and we diligently strive to deepen our knowledge and understanding of Okinawan karate and kobudo. This is achieved through the constant training and study of ti under the guidance of Kiyomasa Maeda, Hanshi, Judan. We are extremely fortunate to have direct contact with Okinawa, and to have direct access to the knowledge and understanding of both karate and kobudo that is unselfishly shared by Maeda, Sensei.

The black belt is not a mark or symbol of the end of the journey to one’s mastery of the arts; rather it is the mark that one is done packing for their journey and may now take their first step in their true journey. This is a journey which can not ever be complete, only traveled…


The name shogen ryu was used by Taba, Sensei to honour his teacher Shoshin Nagamine, and to indicate the intention of returning to the origins or roots of authentic karate.
Authentic Okinawan Karate & Kubudo
Authentic Okinawan Karate & Kubudo

We are dedicated to preserving and promoting authentic Okinawan karate and kobudo

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We are dedicated to preserving and promoting authentic Okinawan karate and kobudo

Did you know?

This is the official patch of the Okinawa Shogen-Ryu Karate-Do Association. Only Members of the Association have permission to use this patch. The fist is Taba Sensei’s actual fist and note the knuckle development and conditioning through makiwara practice.

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